Inside our Spdy VPS Website Control Panel you will discover a user friendly Web–site Builder instrument, that you can use to design your new web site. The Website Builder boasts over a hundred distinctive site templates, found in many color patterns, that you can individualize to your taste. To make a brand new website, you won’t have to understand HTML, PHP, CSS or any other programming language. All that you should know is how to handle the easy–to–use editor in the Web–site Builder. You can use it to swiftly develop completely new pages, change their information, incorporate brand–new elements to your website and many more.

An Easy–to–navigate Web–site Builder

No development working experience is needed

With the Web–site Builder included in the Website Control Panel, you are able to jumpstart your own site with easy point & click actions. Making use of the built–in editor, you can easily incorporate brand–new webpages, maintain present ones, customize the overall look of your web site, etcetera. If you’ve ever used a web app anything similar to Word or Excel, then you already know how to use the Site Builder.

And the best part – you don’t have to know how to design and create a web site and do not need to utilize or know any HTML, CSS and even PHP. And whenever you need advice, you should check out Spdy VPS’s detailed help articles and educational videos.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

Multiple Website Templates

We’ve got more than 1 hundred design themes

We provide you with over 1 hundred site templates with various coloring schemes and various layouts. In this way, you can make your site special from the start. You can add new web pages, change their hierarchy, and so on.

In case you no longer like the look and feel of your site, you can switch the layout template, the color scheme and the style at any moment. The entire website contents are going to be kept and will be displayed on the brand new template promptly.

Multiple Website Templates

Step–by–step Instructional Videos

Find out how straightforward it is actually to produce a site

Our Web Site builder is definitely straightforward, but, to be able to be getting the most from the app, you will need a little advice and training. To help you receive the best results, we have geared up several instructional videos dedicated to various capabilities made available from Site Studio.

The educational videos will help you better learn how to deal with the web–site software.

Video Tutorials